Wednesday, August 3, 2011

True Love

One thought keeps resounding in my head tonight, as I think about what has led me to where I am today:

All love stories, lasting or not, are beautiful, worthwhile, and true so long as one condition is met: they deliver you into the arms of True Love.

After all, what is it that we cherish about the ones we love but God's presence in them? What is it that our yearning for love here on earth, among men, shows us? Our need for the love of God. That arrival into the arms of True Love happens one of two ways: through brokenness or through completion.

Through brokenness, we are made to feel alone, so much so that only with the foundation of faith, upon which we feel mercilessly thrown--cast down, abandoned--can we recognize God's faithfulness to us. True Love desires our happiness, which allows us to believe, even when broken, that true love will do the same. Being broken, we remember to allow God to complete us, the only way we are ever truly complete. Knowing and trusting that God has a plan, and that only that plan, putting full confidence in the strength of True Love, will bring us sincere and lasting happiness, allowing us to recognize that we never knew true love or true happiness until we set our own will aside for God's will.

Similarly (though it seems converse when we cling to and fight for our own will over God's), through completeness, we see the promise and fulfillment of True Love--true happiness, unconditional friendship, compassion, integrity, and sacrificial love--only made possible through God's will. True love will not be achieved by any without the will of True Love at the core of the relationship. Our faith in God gives us the strength to put faith in God's presence in one another, which in turn allows us to trust wholeheartedly in the love we are given (for as long as it is given)--without which we could never give fully of our own hearts.

So I am thankful for the love that I have had, and for the love that I have lost--all of which taught me to trust in my ultimate goal: sincerely loving True Love with abandon.

It's time for me to live up to my mantra and end all of my fears and crying about the damages to my broken heart: not faithless, but believing be. Not my will, God, but Yours be done. Fiat. Amen. Thank You for Truly Loving me despite the fickleness of my own heart.