Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whushdo-uh Slathba?

I think at some point tonight, my brain decided that I was absolutely NOT going to be in bed by the time I wanted to be. It also decided, likely due to an overdose (is there such a thing?) of exposure to Kristina's and Hayley's blogs, that I wanted to blog tonight. Or soon. Fair enough, brain. I'll take it and run with it.

I think we can all establish by now that I am absolutely HORRIBLE about keeping promises that I make on the internet. It's a good thing that Dennis and I don't confine our relationship to e-mail, or, uh, we wouldn't have much of a relationship. :P Basically, my point is, I'm going to try to steer clear of making promises of frequent blog posts, or even themed blog posts for that matter. I am, simply put, lazy by nature. I just can't help myself. I appreciate that all of you (all zero of you, that is) allow me to be this way with little (try NO) complaint. Truly, I do.

Point being: It's been awhile, guys. Where to start?

Well, first of all, I'm back at school. Sophomore year, here I am. I'm only halfway through my first week of classes and I am already in this unfortunate limbo of feelings. While being exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally, I'm also excited about routines and schedules and learning. It's definitely a jumble of feelings I'd file under "UNPLEASANT." That's just me, though. Perhaps you actually LIKE feeling torn and emotional 24/7. "I never met such a woman. She'd certainly be a fearsome thing to behold." QUICK. Name that movie!

Anyhow, moving on. The roommate. For her safety's sake, we'll just call her MB. That's what I call her all the time, anyhow. We have her to thank for the charming title of this little bloglet. She just rolled over on her bed and uttered something similar to that. It was fascinating, really. I love when people talk in their sleep. I can't help but try to guess at what she's dreaming about. I can only assume, for reasons I will not share and can only wonder if you can understand, I think she's dreaming about taking a nap on the beach and making sure she has enough sunscreen on to keep from resembling the priciest item on the menu at West End when she wakes up. (By the way, for those of you not well versed in Virginia Techisms, that's lobster.) The point of bringing up MB -- she's absolutely awesome. Wonderful. effusive, and vibrant. For example, she tried to kill me earlier by chucking her dimestore fantasy novel at my head and half-shrieking, half-hiccoughing. It was, erm, endearing?

No, really, though. She's great. And that thing with the book? It may or may not have been an accident. It's open to interpretation, honestly. She has us all wrapped around her little finger, though, so I might just have to say that she had absolutely no intention of knocking me unconscious or, for that matter, hitting me to begin with. Haha.

Talk to you all (all who?) again soon. :)